Best and Cheap Auto Insurance Oregon

Best and Cheap Auto Insurance in Oregon

Everyone wants to find cheap auto insurance quotes in Oregon. Especially if you live here, you know that it is definitely expensive to drive a car in the United States. Especially now that gasoline prices have skyrocketed. But there are ways you can lower your costs, here are some tips on how to do it.

The first thing you need to do is find an auto insurance company that offers a lot of great deals on car insurance in Oregon City, or wherever you live. The first place I would start is with your own personal insurance agent. Ask him what kind of discounts he can give you for being a safe driver. Or ask him if he could get you a good deal on a policy where you don't have to drive so many miles each year. Or find out what kind of deals you can get on policies where you aren't covered for things like theft or serious accidents.

Also, consider looking at the Internet for some quotes. Here's a good way to get quotes from a lot of different companies in a short amount of time. You can get instant online car insurance rates in Oregon City, or anywhere else for that matter. They'll give you a quote via your computer, and it will be right on your screen. Compare the quotes and pick the one that will offer you the best deal.

The third thing you should consider is what kind of deductible you want. Different insurance companies will have different choices when it comes to deductible amounts. So make sure to shop around and see what kind of numbers you can come up with. If you have less of a paycheck then you probably shouldn't have as high of a deductible as some would recommend. But this will also affect your monthly premium payments.

Don't forget about collision and comprehensive coverage. Again, different insurance companies have different coverage limits. Shop around online and find out what kind of numbers you can come up with. Also keep in mind that most policies also include medical payments coverage, which can help relieve some financial strain in case of major accidents.

Lastly, don't forget about coverage limits. Again, different companies have different coverage limits. Some people are only concerned with liability, while others prefer to have collision and comprehensive coverage in addition to liability. Talk to a local agent to find out which would be best for you. Once you've figured that out, you'll be able to take other steps to get cheap auto insurance rates in Oregon City.

There are plenty more factors that will influence auto insurance rates. Talk to a local agent today to see what else you can do. Shopping around is a great way to find the cheapest premiums on auto insurance in Oregon. You can also do it online.

No matter where you live in Oregon, there's likely a website that will offer you free auto insurance quotes. Oregon drivers can also take advantage of online registration for multiple auto insurance companies at once. The quotes will be displayed immediately, and you can compare them side by side to select the best deal. Finding cheap auto insurance rates in Oregon is pretty easy if you know what you're looking for and how to do it.

The first step in your quest for cheap auto insurance in Oregon is to get a free online quote. A lot of websites will automatically provide you with at least three quotes from competing companies. Choose the best quote to find the lowest premium. While comparing them, make sure that you have all the necessary personal information available. Personal information includes your driver profile, automobile information, and details about your car.

Finding cheap auto insurance rates in Oregon will include comparing quotes and policies from several different places. Don't worry if you've had a bad driving record in the past. There are companies out there that specialize in insuring young drivers with bad records or even those who have been involved in an accident.

Finding cheap auto insurance rates in Oregon is something that you can accomplish by being proactive. If you're prepared when you go to compare quotes and search for good deals, you'll definitely be able to save some money on the cost of your premiums. Remember though, to always be careful about giving out your personal information online.

How To Get The Best Oregon Auto Insurance Quotes

If you are looking for the best Oregon auto insurance quotes, there are many ways that you can go about getting them. First of all, you can look in the phone book for a phonebook listing of auto insurance companies. This is one of the best ways to find the name and number of an insurance company because you will get their addresses as well as phone numbers. It is important to call these companies up and ask them what they offer in terms of coverage for drivers in your state.

You can also check out the websites of different insurance companies. These sites will have information on various types of coverage, but will not give you the quotes. For this reason, it is important to go online and plug the addresses into the search engines and see what comes up. You will probably be able to find some websites online that offer free quotes for various types of insurance for drivers in your state. Once you get the quotes, you will need to put them together in order to get the best possible rates on your car insurance.

If you are driving around with a friend, both of you will need to get comprehensive coverage. This will cover the cost of damages to your vehicle if you were to hit another vehicle or someone's vehicle while you are driving. The best way to save money on insurance is to compare quotes between different insurance companies so that you know what type of coverage you need. Then, once you have found a policy that is within your budget, you will need to read it carefully. If there is something that you do not understand, then you should contact the agent who sold you the policy.

How to Get the Lowest Rate in Oregon Car Insurance

Oregon Car Insurance Average Rates is a great place to start looking for insurance. The reason why you want to look here, first of all, is that they will give you a quote on how much insurance you will have to pay. This will usually be based on several factors such as the type of vehicle you are driving, how old you are, and what your driving record is like. You should know though that the Oregon car insurance average rates here will only be an estimate and it may depend on many factors such as how big your vehicle is or how many accidents you have been in before. You should still however try to find low-cost insurance so that you can get a discount from your provider.

You should also make sure that you look for one company who will offer this insurance and not just one who will give you a low rate. This will allow you to save up to five percent off of your monthly car insurance premium which is something that you should definitely take advantage of. There are many reasons why insurance companies will offer low monthly premiums for a short period of time. One of the most common reasons for this is that they have run out of money so they need to lower their prices to stay in business.

You should also take a look at the terms of the insurance as well as the deductibles that you will be asked to pay when you sign up for it. Make sure that you look at the coverage limits that you have chosen here as well. If there are limits here then you will also want to make sure that they are reasonable as well. These will be the factors that will influence your Oregon car insurance rates and how much of a discount you will get on your monthly payments.

Cheap Auto Insurance Options in Oregon - Tips on Finding the Best Auto Insurance in Oregon

Q: Can I find cheap auto insurance in Oregon? I am looking for some online coverage and was wondering if you had any suggestions for finding the lowest cost policy that still offers good coverage. Thank you. Also, do you know anyone else who might be able to recommend a good company that also provides good insurance coverage?

A: We don't typically recommend products or services for people unless they have really bad or poor reviews. Unfortunately, we don't usually know where people are getting their information either. However, you may be able to find low-cost auto insurance in Oregon by searching online. There are quite a few websites that review the insurance companies that offer coverage in your state. Many of them will also be able to help you in choosing a company that will meet your needs best.

Oregon is one of the states that have made it very easy for car insurance shoppers to purchase coverage. It allows you to compare lots of different policies all at once which is a big time saver. As long as you have an Oregon driving license, you can purchase coverage online. However, there are specific places in the state that allow you to purchase coverage from certain companies - without having to buy from an automobile dealer. If you're looking for cheap auto insurance in Oregon, these are definitely the places you should check out.|

Compare Quotes and Find Oregon Cheap Car Insurance

Many people in the U.S. spend hours on end searching for cheap car insurance. The result is that they don't really find it until they've called 20 different agents. This can be very time-consuming, but it's not wasted effort. All you need to do is use a price comparison site on the Internet and allow the computer to do the work for you. This will cut down on your search tremendously because you won't have to wade through so many companies.

When you compare quotes on the Internet, you'll find that you're likely to get cheaper insurance than you would by calling on the telephone. You may be under the impression that by calling agents you can save money. However, you won't be saving money when you call the phone as opposed to looking on the Internet. If you want to get quotes you must call. So if you haven't ever used the Internet to obtain insurance quotes before you should really consider using it when you shop for auto insurance.

Quotes are usually available from most insurance companies within about 15 minutes. However, some require you to fax information to one of their customer service representatives. So it may take you a bit longer than this if you've never requested a quote online before. But once you find an Oregon quote you like you'll know you've gotten a great deal.

Where to Find Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Oregon

Q: Is there such a thing as Oregon cheap car insurance companies? My boyfriend is driving my car and I'm wondering if there are any cheaper options out there. I am not too happy with the rate he's paying, but we have been with the same insurance company for about 10 years so I figure they must have something good going for them. Any ideas on where to go or what to look for? Thanks!

A: There are indeed many different Oregon cheap insurance companies, but the first one you should definitely look into is Allstate. They are one of the most popular and trusted names in the business, and it certainly looks that way from their website. You can get quotes, search, and find out about various coverage policies with their website, which is very easy to do. If you are unsure of what kind of policy you want, you can also call them directly for help. The one downside to Allstate is that they do require drivers to have a certain level of auto insurance in order to be eligible for their discount, which means you may have to change your insurance company if you want this benefit.

The other cheap car insurance companies in Oregon are Geico and Progressive. These two companies are owned by major insurance companies, and you can see from their websites how much money they save you each year. In addition to receiving discounts, you will also be able to choose from low rates on homeowners and other vehicle insurance. Geico does have the best deal for drivers who have at least a year of experience behind them. If you want to go with Geico, simply go online and request a free quote.

How to Find Cheap Car Insurance For New Drivers

How to find cheap car insurance for new drivers is a question that most people ask at one point in their life, whether they are young and just starting out or older and settled down. It seems like driving is more of an expense than it's worth, yet most people can't seem to save. If you are one of the many that have been hit with high monthly bills that can add up over time, then you know how expensive it can get. If you're looking for a way to cut these costs, then you need to start searching for cheap car insurance for new drivers online. There are many ways that you can do this, and one of the best ways to go about finding cheap car insurance is to use the services of a website that is dedicated to finding you the best deals available.

These types of websites gather the information that each driver has and then put together a form for you to fill out so that the companies that respond can offer you a quote. This gives new drivers a chance to compare prices and see which ones are going to be the cheapest. Since there are so many different companies that you can go with that offer insurance for young drivers, it's going to take some time before you find one that fits your needs. You'll probably end up filling out the form multiple times before you find one that fits your budget and also provides you with all of the information that you need in order to decide on a price that you can live with. When you have this information at your fingertips, however, finding cheap car insurance for new drivers becomes a lot easier.

Since you can compare companies before deciding, there is a better chance that you'll find the best deal. This is especially true when you consider how much time it takes many drivers to accumulate enough miles to qualify for a good rate. For this reason, finding cheap car insurance for new drivers is something that can be done relatively quickly through the use of free online quotes.

Where Can I Find The Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon For Adult Drivers?

Q: I am looking for the cheapest car insurance in Oregon for adult drivers. I am only 25 years old and I really need a policy that will give me good coverage at an affordable price. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Wishing you the best of luck in finding the cheapest car insurance in Oregon for adult drivers like yourself! cheers.

A: Thank you for your inquiry. Insurance companies typically offer a discounted rate if an individual is married. If you are, you should look into purchasing a policy from a major credit card or bank and make sure that the insurer knows where your payments are coming from.

A quick search on the internet can provide you with an answer to your question about the cheapest car insurance in Oregon for adult drivers. Just type "cheap auto insurance" or "cash for a policy online" into any search engine and multiple quotes will appear. The trick is to get as many quotes as possible and compare the cost, coverage, reputation, services, and customer service of each company. It is also a good idea to compare quotes from a variety of companies and choose the one that gives you the most for your money. Just remember that once you have obtained a quote, it is completely legal to compare another company's policy online. In fact, this is one of the reasons why consumers love to shop online; they are able to compare hundreds of policies and pick the best one for them.

How to Find the Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon For Experienced Drivers

The best way to look for the cheapest car insurance in Oregon for experienced drivers is by using a website that will return multiple quotes. These websites are operated by independent brokers who have expertise in helping people find the cheapest and best deal on auto insurance in Oregon. When you visit these sites, you'll have to provide some basic information about yourself and your driving history. You'll also have to decide what type of coverage you want to purchase. The quotes that you receive will vary by the factors that they consider - for instance, some companies may quote you on collision only, others may provide you with liability only and others may not even offer any coverage at all. There are some factors that will always be included in these quotes, however, such as your age and your gender.

These insurance companies will do their best to give you a price that is accurate and as low as possible. They realize that most drivers are willing to take any deal that they can get their hands on, so you're usually able to compare between five to ten different quotes before making a decision on who you're going to deal with. However, in order to get a cheap deal, you need to be able to provide accurate information about yourself and your driving history.

After comparing quotes from the different companies that provide this service online, you should still be able to narrow down your options even more. You can call each company that you received a quote from and ask them about their specific policies for drivers who are considered to be experienced. Find out how much they would charge for a policy similar to what you already have with another company. Remember, though, that in order to get the cheapest car insurance in Oregon for experienced drivers, you may have to increase your deductible significantly - up to $500. Don't let this put you off from purchasing a good deal, though, as it is very easy to do so.

Are You Searching For the Cheapest Car Insurance In Oregon For Young Drivers?

If you are looking for the cheapest car insurance in Oregon for Young Drivers then you need to do your homework. There are a few ways to do this. One way is to make sure you insure with a reputable company that has a good track record. Secondly, it's best to stay away from news companies as they may not be as financially stable and able to offer a wide range of policies. Lastly, consider raising your yearly limit if you plan on driving frequently in order to get a cheaper premium.

There are a number of factors that go into determining how much you will be required to pay for your policy. The first thing to consider is your driving history and how safe a driver you are. Most companies will require you to take a defensive driving course so that you can prove you are not a high-risk driver, therefore lowering your rates.

If you live in Oregon, you need to have the proper insurance coverage. Insurance premiums for drivers here are not affordable by any means and it's not uncommon to have to pay hundreds of dollars every year just to drive. It is important that you don't drive too fast or you will pay more because Oregon does impose a speed limit on most automobiles. However, there are many ways you can keep your premiums low such as taking a driving class, installing anti-theft devices in your vehicle, and buying a newer car with better gas mileage.

Where To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance In Oregon For New Drivers

Finding the cheapest car insurance in Oregon for new drivers can be very confusing. Even though Oregon has one of the lowest rates in the country, many drivers don't realize that they do not have to drive a certain way to find cheap rates. This is because many insurers set their own rates, and can raise them for any number of reasons. If you are a new driver, or you happen to be a new driver living in Oregon, you will want to take a look at your options.

The best way to get an accurate quote on insurance is to look online. By getting quotes from different companies you can see who offers the best price for your situation. Even though you may be a new driver, you can still find low rates. By shopping around online you will be able to find out who will offer you the best rate. In fact, many new drivers in Oregon get discounts by taking an approved driver's course.

Before you start looking for Oregon auto insurance for new drivers, make sure you understand how everything works. There are many legal requirements that you must follow in order to legally drive in the state of Oregon. Although most of these requirements are easy to follow, there are some that you will need to know about. For example, it is required that you pass a driving course before you can legally buy a driver's license. By finding the right insurance company you can get low-cost coverage that meets all of your needs.

How to Find the Lowest Company in Oregon

People who are interested to know how to find the cheapest car insurance in Oregon need to understand that it is not really easy to get the lowest prices. There are many reasons for this like companies offering discounts, higher deductibles, and even temporary policies are offered by some insurance companies. However, you can make an effort to find the best company by asking a few questions to insurance agents. The more information you can provide the better will be your chances of finding the best deal and getting your money's worth. Below are some helpful tips for you to learn how to find the cheapest company in Oregon.

- As a car insurance buyer, you must remember that your agent is just an employee of a particular company. Therefore, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" approach with regard to insurance coverage and rates. Every single insurance agent in the state has his or her own personal rates and guidelines. To get the best and cheapest car insurance policy, you need to talk to as many insurance agents as you can in order to obtain as many quotes and comparisons as possible. Try to select two or three insurance agents and shop their quotes before making your final decision.

- You can search for different car insurance policies online. You can easily access different websites that offer free quotes from many different insurance companies. This will give you the opportunity to compare car insurance rates and coverage from each and every company that you are interested in. The best way of going about this is that you have to input some basic information regarding your car, your driving history, the type of car that you want to insure, and the amount of coverage that you need. This will help you come up with an insurance estimate that you can use to get the best deal possible.

Cheap Company For Car Insurance Per Month in Oregon

If you are looking for a cheap company for car insurance in Oregon then you should know that you need to look around and find the right policy for your needs. The best way to go about doing this is to ask for referrals from friends, family, or colleagues. You might also want to check out an online quote site so you can compare prices across several different companies. After you have narrowed down your options to just a few companies keep reading to learn some more information about cheap policies. It is important that you find a cheap policy if you are going to be covered when you need it most.

When you start looking for a car insurance company in Oregon, you will first need to know exactly what kind of coverage you need. You will probably want to get liability insurance because you won't have comprehensive coverage as a driver and this type of policy covers other drivers involved in the accident with you. Keep in mind that the minimum standard of coverage is a liability for both drivers. However, if you purchase additional insurance coverage such as collision, comprehensive, or uninsured motorist then you will be responsible for the costs of repairs for your vehicle out of your own pocket. It is possible to purchase an extra policy like this but it is usually not recommended unless you are experienced in the car industry.

The best way to find a cheap company for Oregon car insurance is to search online and compare quotes. There are a variety of insurance providers that offer their services online and it is easy to compare the prices and policies offered by each. Make sure that you read the fine print of the policy because there are many instances where the price you initially pay will be higher than the cost of the repair. Also, be sure that you always purchase insurance from a reputable company because there are plenty of rogue companies that are only in the business to make a quick buck at your expense. Once you learn more about the cost of insurance, you may want to change insurance companies altogether.

Average Car Insurance Rates in Oregon For New Drivers

Average car insurance rates in Oregon for new drivers can vary greatly depending on your driving record and current age. New drivers in Oregon should keep in mind that their rates will most likely be higher than for someone who has a driving record and experience. If you want to take the best route, try to get a defensive driving class or a course in general driving safety before you purchase a car. You can also lower your costs by choosing an older vehicle. The older your vehicle, the less likely you will have to file a claim and pay higher premiums.

Average insurance rates are also determined by where you live in Oregon. Areas with higher theft rates will raise your premiums as will areas that have a higher rate of car break-in cases. If you don't know what area your premium is in, you may want to contact an insurance agent to help you determine this. They can help you compare quotes from different companies and answer any questions you may have.

Average car insurance rates in Oregon for new drivers do vary by insurer, the type of vehicle, and age. If you live in Bend you will probably get the lowest rates because of the low theft rate and high rate of car break-in cases. Living anywhere else in the state will boost your rates. However, some people find that by shopping around they can find a good deal. It may take some time and patience to find the right policy for you, but the effort is well worth it. Insurance is one of the most expensive expenses that a driver can experience.

How to Find the Best Car Insurance Company in Oregon

Q: I am looking for the best Oregon car insurance company with the best rates in order to save money on my auto coverage. Thank you! I live in Bend, Oregon, and was wondering if you could give me some suggestions on which insurance company is the best to go with. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

A: There are many Oregon car insurance companies that offer great rates. If you are looking for the best option for your particular situation, there is no one better than an Oregon auto insurance agent to answer any of your questions concerning auto coverage. An experienced agent will be able to answer all of your questions pertaining to auto insurance and will make sure you get the best policy and best rates. To get the best policy and best rates it is a good idea to search around for several different companies before making your final decision.

Your search for the best Oregon car insurance company should begin by asking friends, family, and co-workers for recommendations. You may also want to check with your local insurance agents for suggestions. Once you have narrowed down the companies that you are considering, you can start shopping around online. There are many websites that will give you comparisons between several Oregon auto insurance companies. You can quickly compare quotes and see who has the best policy for you. The key is to find the policy that best fits your needs and your budget.

How to Get the Best and Cheap Car Insurance Coverage in Oregon

If you are looking for the best and cheap car insurance in Oregon, then read this article to discover how to get it. We will discuss the different types of policies offered by insurance companies and how these can affect your auto insurance rates. Insurance is mandatory in many states, and without it, you can be penalized with heavy fines and even jail time. Therefore it makes financial sense to find cheap car insurance in Oregon before you go to drive.

Finding cheap car insurance in Oregon begins with finding a policy that fits your requirements. Do you need full coverage or just basic liability? What type of driver are you - an experienced teen who rarely has an accident or an adult who has been a drunk driver and has a history of traffic violations? There is a policy for every kind of customer out there, so make sure you choose the right one for you before you purchase a policy.

After you have determined the type of coverage you need for your vehicle then pricing your policy online using an online car insurance comparison website. You will be able to compare the different prices available and choose the one that best suits your needs. Before you know it you will have a cheap car insurance policy in Oregon waiting for you. Make sure to ask lots of questions before you purchase so that you understand all the terms and conditions involved in your new policy.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Oregon City OR

Full coverage car insurance Oregon City OR offers an insurance policy that not only covers the third party damages in the event of an accident but also provides the insured owner with coverage for personal injury litigation, medical expenses, lost wages, and up to one year of lost driving time. So, what is the catch? Well, the catch is that this type of insurance is not provided through most auto insurance agents and most certainly is not offered through the majority of car dealerships either. This is because full coverage car insurance Oregon City OR does not provide any "fool play" or gimmickry insurance schemes designed to pull in customers.

In conclusion, Getting full coverage car insurance Oregon City OR from a reliable company that actually sells car insurance quotes online is old news, if he/she can show you where, then he/she would show you that this unknown "18%", would be hidden from auto insurance rates providers. Now, it may surprise you may find out that full coverage car insurance is not only cheap - it's also a must-have for anyone who drives anywhere in this state. Not only cheap full coverage car insurance Oregon City OR but also cheap full coverage car insurance Oregon City OR indeed is the best there is and so is what I personally have come to understand over the last three years of getting affordable quotes on car insurance.

Here is how it works. First, you fill out a form on the website. Second, you answer some short questions about yourself and/or your family. Thirdly, you fill out a policy quote form and get cheap car insurance quotes. You get to choose between the quotes; go with the quote that offers the best coverage and lowest rate or go with the other two free quotes.

Tips For Finding The Best Car Insurance Oregon Has To Offer

If you're looking for the best car insurance Oregon has to offer, it's time to visit your favorite insurance provider and request free quotes. As you know, insurance providers have different rates, policies, and services. To get the best quote, you should look at the level of coverage that each policy provides, the total cost of insurance, and the reputation of the company. Some tips that can help you decide which Oregon insurance providers to pick are outlined below.

The most important factor to consider when looking for the best car insurance Oregon has to offer is the level of coverage. Every Oregon auto insurance company will advertise full coverage but this isn't necessarily the case. Because of the wide array of auto insurance companies that currently exist in the state, many people get the impression that full coverage will benefit them the most. The problem is that full coverage is only purchased if the driver has another vehicle that needs to be covered at the same time as their current one. A car insurance company would have you believe that they'll cover your car if anything happens to it, but chances are that they won't.

By consulting with a variety of different insurance providers, you should be able to find one that provides the perfect level of coverage for your driving needs. For example, an Oregon auto insurance provider may not require you to purchase bodily injury liability perils coverage if you only use your personal vehicle for occasional weekend trips, and this type of coverage would be unnecessary. This information helps you find the best car insurance Oregon has to offer.

How to Find Car Insurance Cheap in Oregon

If you are looking for how to find car insurance cheap in Oregon, you have come to the right place. There are many ways to get cheap automobile insurance in this state, but you have to know what you are doing in order to get the best deal. There are certain things that you can do to help lower the cost of your car insurance, and if you are willing to take advantage of these things, you should be able to save a lot of money on your coverage each year. It is important that you find all of the discounts that you possibly can if you want to get the best price possible. You need to get quotes and compare them in order to ensure that you are getting the best rate for the lowest price possible.

The first step in learning how to find car insurance cheap in Oregon is to take a look at your driving record. If you have had many accidents or tickets, you may want to think about dropping those incidents from your driving record. This may take a bit of time, but it will definitely help your overall score. As long as you stay clean over the years, you should not have too much difficulty finding insurance companies that offer you low rates. If you are willing to put the time and effort into searching for one of these companies, you should be able to get the insurance that fits your budget. Once you have a policy in place, you may even find that you save money each month as well.

Another step in learning how to find car insurance cheap in Oregon is to consider buying a higher deductible policy. If you have a good driving record, and you have never had any tickets or accidents, you should be able to find some great rates on insurance. Remember that you want to make sure that you do not end up paying too much for coverage because you did not want to end up paying so much for the coverage. Look around online and see what you can find. It is important to compare rates from various companies to ensure that you are getting the best possible rate when it comes to car insurance.

Tips For Finding the Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon

You probably have noticed that it can get expensive to get an affordable car insurance policy in Oregon, especially if you've got a poor driving record or a spotty record. Insurance rates vary from one insurance company to the next. The average car insurance price in Oregon is about $1,414 per year - 5.9 percent less than the national average. Factors other than your place of residence affect your car insurance rates.

Your driving record will also play a major role in how much you pay for your insurance in Oregon. States with less strict driving requirements typically require less insurance. If you have a clean driving record, you will have little to worry about in obtaining affordable premiums. However, if you have numerous tickets or accidents on your record, it will cause your insurance costs to go up. A perfect example of this is found with regard to Oregon's drivers.

One of the biggest factors that can affect your Oregon car insurance costs is the type of vehicle you drive. Generally, the more powerful and faster a vehicle is, the more you will pay in premiums. Cars such as sports cars and luxury vehicles cost much more to insure. As a result, drivers who use these types of vehicles are advised to put safety gear on, install anti-theft systems, park in well-lit areas, keep a low profile and drive carefully. Oregon drivers, who obey all of these rules, will have little to worry about their car insurance costs.